August 10, 2011
Hip Hip Zhu-Ray! Now zhu can be the ultimate Quest for Zhu™ fan by checking out the new website. Check out awesome downloads, zhu-tastic photos, and clips from the movie. You'll have all you need to know for when the movie finally debuts September 27th! Check it out!
August 9, 2011
Have you ever wanted to play in the land of Zhu? Well now you can with the whole new Zhu-niverse website. Just like the old Zhu-niverse, you can meet, play, and explore with your favorite ZhuZhu's, but now everything totally easier for Zhu-natics to use. Check it out!
August 8, 2011
Hi friends! Let's play ZhuZhu Pets Rhyme Time. I'll start: I am very peppy especially during a big game!
I helped write the ZhuZhu Flo, which is how I came to fame!
August 4, 2011
Suqeaky. Squeak. I love joke Friday's. Let me go first! What did the buffalo say to his son when he went out of town?

Squeaky. Squeak. Bison! Hehe.
What is the fruitiest lesson?
August 3, 2011
New ZhuZhu Babies have just hit the Zhu-niverse and these colorful little friends are not just hamsters anymore: There are tons of new exotic friends too like Sox the fox, Meatloaf the puppy, and Izzy the mouse to name a few. Love them, cuddle them, and dress them up for playdates. ZhuZhu Babies need a mommy just like zhu! Check them out!