August 31, 2011
Zhu-natics! Guess what? New ZhuZhu Princess castle characters have just hit the Zhu-niverse!
Squeaky. Squeak. That's right.
August 30, 2011
Hey Zhu-natics! Great news: The Quest for Zhu™ commercial just hit airwaves, giving you a sneak peak to this magical adventure. Come along with Pipsqueak, Num Nums, Mr. Squiggles, and Chunk in the tale of a lifetime.
August 29, 2011
Hey Zhu-natics! New ZhuZhu Puppies have just hit the Zhu-niverse. Meet Twittles, Mitzi Mo, and Palooza. These colorful puppies make silly pooch sounds and playfully roam around!
Squeaky. Squeak.
August 26, 2011
Happy Friday Zhu-natics! Here are some jokes for Zhu! What's a pie's favorite sport?

Pie Kwan Do!
Squeaky. Squeak. Why did the orange go to the doctor?
August 24, 2011
Lah-tee-dah! Happy birthday to my friend Patches. She loves flowers-That's why a flower is her symbol.