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Santa Squiggles

 ZhuZhu Pets®, the 2010 “Toy of the Year” that have taken over the hearts of kids everywhere, are now taking over the blogosphere and zhu-ooming into the holiday season with the spirit of giving. This December, Cepia LLC, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets® are spreading joy to children across the country by providing 100 bloggers with 100 ZhuZhu Pets® and accessories to be donated to their charity of choice. 


ZhuZhu Pets® Visit the Phoenix Children's Hospital

Pediatric patients at Phoenix Children’s Hospital received a special delivery of ZhuZhu Pets as part of a toy donation made by toy maker, Cepia LLC on May 10, 2011.

ZhuZhu Pets® Take Home Gold
“Random Acts of Zhu” Honored With 2011 Gold SABRE Award

ST. LOUIS (May 11, 2010) – Cepia LLC, makers of ZhuZhu Pets®, last night were awarded the 2011 Gold SABRE Award for “Random Acts of Zhu” (RAZ) at the awards ceremony hosted by the Holmes Group on Tuesday, May 10, 2011 in New York City. The SABRE awards honor the year’s best public relations programs and communications campaigns.

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Giving Back with Random Acts of Zhu!   (Jolly Mom)

One of the highlights of this holiday season was getting to make a substantial toy donation to two local organizations. Thanks to Cepia, LLC–the makers of ZhuZhu Pets and Kung Zhu, I was able to make a lot of kids a little happier this holiday season. Cepia, LLC sent me 104 Zhu Zhu Pets as part of the Random Acts of Zhu program to donate before Christmas...yes 104! It was awesome! We were very excited to give back. We loaded up the car and headed towards the city. I immediately knew when Cepia, LLC contacted me that I wanted to donate half of the Zhu Zhu Pets to Children's Healthcare of Atlanta {CHOA}. I also rounded up a bunch of kid's DVDs and books to add to the donation to CHOA. the other half of the donation plus some additional toys went to Hosea Feed the Hungry & Homeless. They hold an annual Christmas party for local kids in need and they had a huge toy shortage. The day before the party, they set up a toy drop off at our local news station so we delivered the toys there. Thank you to Cepia, LLC for providing the Zhu Zhu Pets and helping me bring the magic of Christmas to local kids this Christmas!



My Random Acts of Zhu!   (Mommy Words)

Just before Christmas, Sophia and I got to play Santa and bring joy to hundreds of kids in Charlotte thanks to Cepia, the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets. As part of the Random Acts of Zhu initiative I was sent 140 Zhu Zhu pets and asked to give them to kids in need.  I can’t tell you how happy I was to be asked and how wonderful it was to see so many happy faces before the holidays! We brought Zhu Zhu pets to The Summit House, to Learn & Explore Enrichment Center and to the Head Start Kids of Charlotte’s Bethlehem Center. Sophia’s school is in a church.  That church also has one of Charlotte’s Head Start programs.  Head Start provides comprehensive education, health, nutrition, and parent involvement services to low-income children and their families.  It is a fantastic program.  There are 4 classrooms at Sophia’s pre-school and they share the gym and play equipment.  We see the kids every day but they really had never met.  When I asked the director if we could randomly Zhu them she was overjoyed! The kids were too when we showed up with our wagon!



My Random Acts of Zhu  (5 Minutes for Mom)

ZhuZhu Pets® were the 2010 Toy of the Year, bringing smiles to children everywhere. This past Christmas, Cepia LLC, the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets, provided 100 bloggers with 100 Zhu Zhu Pets to be donated to a charity of their choice. 100 bloggers + 100 Zhu Zhu Pets = 10,000 smiles.We were thrilled to join in on the fun. I received the boxes of Zhu Zhu Pets and decided to turn it into a holiday project for my Daisy Girl Scout Troop. We had an entire Zhu Zhu themed meeting, even using our own Zhu Zhu Pets to have Zhu Zhu races. We then had a wrapping party. The girls formed groups and wrapped the large boxes of Zhu Zhu Pets in preparation for their donation to the nearby Ronald McDonald House and Memorial Hospital for Children. My troop had a blast. Here they are in silly poses with their wrapped Zhu Zhu Pets. Yes, I let them wrap the boxes however they wanted, which meant many bows were used.



Random Acts of Zhu!   (Misadventures in Baby Raising)

There are so many reasons why I love the holiday season, but none more than the chance to bring a smile to the face of a child.  While I may sometimes take for granted all of the things that my children have and focus on what we don't have the sad fact is that there are children all over this country who have little or nothing and that breaks my heart.  It has always been important to me to be able to help others; seeing my own mother struggle to raise my sister and I when we were younger makes me understand how important it is to give to those in need.  It's become very important to me that my own children understand that there are people everywhere in need daily and while they may never appreciate it as completely as I do I hope that they will take some of that compassion and caring with them as they grew into loving, kind, and caring adults. About a month ago I was informed that I was chosen by Cepia (the amazing company who makes the ever popular Zhu Zhu Pets) as one of the bloggers to participate in their “Random Acts of Zhu”.  Random Acts of Zhu was established last year by Cepia as a way to provide toys to children in need.  Each blogger chosen received 104 Zhu Zhu Pet toys to donate to a charity of his or her choice.  Perhaps the best thing about the Random Acts of Zhu is the fact that it allows the chosen bloggers to make an impact at the local level and I was very excited about that!



RAZ – Random Acts of Zhu!   (Enjoy Life, Enjoy Now)

I was so HAPPY to be able to SPREAD some HOLIDAY CHEER throughout my community. I was able to participate in RAZ Random Acts of Zhu--thanks to Cepia LLC the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets and Kung Zhu. I received 104 Zhu Zhu pets to distribute to local charities. This was so GREAT for me because this isn't something I could do on my own financially. I am glad I was able to donate the toys to kids in need thanks to Cepia LLC. I chose Pullman Child Welfare. Which is a volunteer non-profit organization. They actually had a shortage of toy donations this year (which I had no idea about when I chose them--which was REALLY COOL). I also donated to the Uniontown/Colton Food Bank which puts together Holiday Baskets for over 50 families. They received the remaining Zhu Zhu Pets to distribute amongst the 30 children they would be providing toys for. I am already thinking about what I can do this year to benefit my community as well. I am hoping if I start thinking of ways NOW that I can provide Random Acts of Kindness then come the holiday season it will be HUGE and something I can do on my own. It really helps to cherish the true meaning of Christmas and the spirit of giving. How can you help in your communities? I am going to try to think of more ways and not just around Christmastime.



Random Acts of Zhu   (Mamanista)

Can you imagine spending the Holidays in the hospital with your child? That nearly happened to us four years ago at Thanksgiving when my then infant daughter needed open heart surgery. There’s not much I can do about the anxiety and bills, but thanks to Cepia, LLC, makers of Zhu Zhu Pets, we were able to make the holidays brighter for 104 children as part of the Random Acts of Zhu. And including my children in our giving made it even more special. My daughter’s preschool collected teddy bears to give to children at the pediatric wing at a local hospital. In addition to donating four new bears, we also contributed 64 of the 104 ZhuZhu Pets and Kung Zhu hamsters. RAZ Donation to Children's Hospital. If you have new toys, in the package, or new, unused books, video games, or movies, your local children’s hospital would make the perfect recipient. Play therapy is a huge part of getting better for children with chronic or catastrophic illness and injury. Additionally, there are many treatments that require lengthy transfusions. Anything that can keep a child or teen distracted during these difficult times is a huge help.



Random Acts of Zhu  (So A Blonde Walks Into a Review)

"It's better to give than to receive." It may be cliche, but I couldn't agree more! And thanks to ZhuZhu Pets, I was able to do just that through an amazing charity program called "Random Acts of Zhu." Dozens and dozens of ZhuZhu Pets, the number one toy of 2010, arrived at my door for me to donate to the charities of my choice (those are just a small portion in the photo above). My fiance and I took our daughters to our local police and fire departments to personally donate the toys and the remaining ones went to a local prison ministry. We donated more than 100 ZhuZhu Pets in total! Think about how frightening a car accident, fire or other emergency can be for a child. Being able to give them a toy can be a valuable distraction, and that's why we chose the Leesburg Fire Department as one of the charities. (Many thanks to DJ and Jim for being so accommodating to us!) The Leesburg Police Department has several community outreach programs, including Recreation Outreach to Community Kids (R.O.C.K.) which is a free service that provides positive recreation and leisure activities to area youth through after school and summer programs.



“Random Acts of Zhu” in My Community  (Mom and More)

About a month ago I received 13 boxes via FedEx and I knew better than to open them in front of my boys.  See they contained 104 brand new Zhu Zhu pets.  Nope they weren’t for me to keep, which is why I had to keep them boxed up until I was ready to donate them to my community.  I was selected to participate in the “Random Acts of Zhu” program as a way to help spread some holiday cheer during the holiday season. So the night before I was ready, I opened up all 13 boxes and placed them in a few gift bags.  Rather than donate them individually to kids I decided to give them to my son’s preschool and the local hospital.  My son’s preschool is pretty big (about 200 kids) and I figured it would be great for the kids to have some great new toys in the classrooms.  I also think the Zhu Zhu pet hamsters are great for all kids, including special needs kids, which my son is and many other students are.  At home Aidan loves to chase his Zhu Zhu pets and push the button to watch it go and squeak! The local hospital was my other choice because of how great it was when we were their recently for an unexpected emergency visit and overnight stay.  Gavin was admitted to the ER for breathing problems and had to stay overnight.  Now you can imagine how boring it is for kids contained to the hospital and it was so nice that the pediatric floor had a kids playroom.  The room is where the patients or siblings can go to unwind and recuperate.  Aidan played in their with grandma and grandpa while my husband and I attended to Gavin in his room.  Then Gavin got the chance to play and pretty much didn’t want to leave the hospital!  Toys are also brought into the kids (patients) rooms for them to play with while in bed.  I think the Zhu Zhu pets will also be much loved there and the hospital really appreciated new toys!



Random Acts of Zhu   (A Million Boxes)

Time sort of stopped for me on December 1st.  I have been so out of the loop since my father fell and began his downward spiral.  He is fortunately stable now and there are very hopeful signs of improvement.  For days I came in and out of my house, basically only returning to sleep, shower, and return to the hospital.  I almost forgot about the glorious boxes from Cepia LLC , the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets, that were by my front door. If you have known me for any amount of time, you will know that I love Christmas.  Love might not even be a strong enough word.  I love colored lights, cookie baking, shopping for and wrapping gifts and most of all celebrating the birth of Jesus.  This year I missed a lot of that.  I wasn't able to bake cookies with my kids and my husband thankfully did all of the shopping.  We didn't have our usual Christmas, but we still had a great one. One thing that made my Christmas season amazing was being able to participate in Random Acts of Zhu!  Zhu Zhu Pets have been incredibly popular since they appeared on the scene in 2009.  They are adorable hamster like toys that zip around and squeak just like a real hamster.  They saved me from having to buy my daughter a real hamster!!(we have a cat that loves to hunt=bad news for small critters).



Random Acts of Zhu!   (Simple Mom Reviews)

When I was contacted with the opportunity to giveaway approximately 100 zhu zhu pets, I jumped on it! There are SO many people in need this holiday season, I figured the least I could do was take a little time to fill out some forms, coordinate a charity in need and schedule a delivery, and hopefully be chosen to participate. Cepia, LLC - the makers of ZhuZhu Pets® and Kung Zhu™ - chose me on behalf of SIMPLE Reviews, to take part in this special charitable initiative! “Random Acts of Zhu” was established last holiday season as a way to provide toys to children in need. This year, they invited me to share in the joy of giving. The charity that I chose was Safe Haven Ministries. I initially heard about this from fellow SIMPLE mom and friend, Carinn. What a great thing! I learned SO much about them just for the little while I was there. I was given a tour of their facility and learned more about them than what was shown on their website. The timing was perfect for this donation too because the following week after I contacted them, they were putting together a "toy drive" for all the mother's who couldn't get gifts for their kids this year. It was just perfect timing!



Random Acts of Zhu  (Jamie's Precious Peas)

I was selected by Cepia, LLC - the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets and King Zhu to participate in Random Acts of Zhu (RAZ). RAZ was established last year to provide toys to children in need. Cepia sent me 104 Zhu Zhu Pets to give to a charity that works with children in need. It seemed a perfect fit to donate that to Parker's Pals. Most of you know that Parker's Pals was started after my 2 year old, Parker, passed away from cancer. We assist families with children 3 and under that have been diagnosed with cancer. My two girls and I loaded up our special wagon and made delivers to Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children in Orlando. We made our first stop on the Hematology/Oncology floor and watched children's faces light up when we gave them a Zhu Zhu pet. We handed them out to siblings of patients, bright eyed children walking down the halls and to every child in the hospital! We then headed over to the Ronald McDonald House where we know many families will be staying this holiday season. Through difficult moments every little bit of joy helps. It was such a blessing to be able to bring a smile to the sick children's faces. It was even more of a blessing to watch my girls, selflessly give and provide for those in need.



A Special Thanks for the Holidays!   (Guessing All the Way)

Blogging has allowed for me to experience some great events and products. However, the things I remember the most about my blogging experiences are the times that I have had the ability to do something good for others because of it. This holiday season I had two of those opportunities. Cepia LLC, the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets allowed me to work with them on a campaign called "Random Acts of Zhu". Through this campaign, I was sent 104 Zhu Zhu Pets to distribute to children that I felt would enjoy them this holiday season. It was so much fun to deliver these little critters with my kiddos. I chose 3 different organizations that I knew would benefit from receiving the Zhu Zhu Pets. They were Growing Home, Ronald McDonald House and The Children's Hospital. Most of you have heard of Ronald McDonald House and The Children's Hospital, but I wanted to take a second to tell you about Growing Home. Growing Home is an organization in Denver that helps families that are facing hard times. They provide a shelter as well as long term housing for their families. They also have a food bank that accepts donations year round. The ladies I met with at this facility were some of the kindest people. You could tell that they have hearts of gold. My family along with with my sister's family and our mom and dad actually adopted a family from Growing Home this Christmas as well. It was one of the most rewarding experiences selecting gifts for this family. It is definitely something we will do every year.



Spreading The Love Of Zhu Zhu Pets All Over Town!   (My Sentiment ExactLee)

This Christmas I was sent many many boxes of Zhu Zhu Pets to share with my choice of charity. I decided to spread the love across the board instead of choosing just one. My first stop was the charity nearest my families heart, Shriner’s Hospital in Tampa, FL. My son Jason was born with a clubfoot and Shriner’s has done everything in their power to correct Jason’s foot. He has been casted, braced and even had surgery numerous times. All of this is done at absolutely no cost to the family. I try to donate toys, games and anything else they need when I visit and these boxes of Zhu Zhu pets arrived at just the right time. I know they’ll be put to good use as either post surgery gifts, birthday gifts for children who are stuck in the hospital or a special gift for a child having a difficult day during a procedure. Shriner’s is the best hospital and I was glad to share the Zhu Zhu love! My second stop was Baby DJ Fund from our local radio station XL 106.7. Baby DJ has been around over a decade and is a community based charity program that allows families in need to apply for help during the Holidays. The local radio DJ’s Johnny Magic and Jayde put it all together (with the help of many special people I’m sure) and do everything they can to get the word out and facilitate a special Christmas for children in our area.



Random Acts of Zhu...   (Reviewed by Mom)

This blog has allowed me to do some pretty fabulous things over the past year.  I have read wonderful books, been introduced to some amazing products and I have gotten to "know" a whole bunch of interesting people I am proud to call my readers.    Over the past month I have been working on something that has been very special and dear to me, made possible by one of the companies I have worked with here on RBM, Ceipa, (the company who makes those furry creatures I love the Zhu Zhu Pets). I was contacted by Ceipa last month because I had been chosen, along with 99 other bloggers, to participate in their program Random Acts of Zhu.  Random Acts of Zhu is a charitable program created by Cepia that gives Zhu Zhu Pets to 100 bloggers to distribute to those in need in their communities.  Did I mention how many Zhu Zhu Pets yet?  104!! Yes, 1 was sent 104 Zhu Zhu Pets and if you do the math that is 10,400 Zhu Zhu Pets handed out to children in need.  That is absolutely staggering to me and I was blown away by the company's generosity. When I was faced with the prospect of choosing homes for the Zhu Zhu's it took me quite a while to decide.  On my own, I would never have been able to give in such a big way and I really thought long and hard about how to spread the joy.  After much consideration I decided to spread my Random Acts of Zhu in this way...



Ways to Give Back: Momma Findings Partners with Random Acts of Zhu for Charitable Donations   (Momma Findings)

This Holiday Season grew to a very busy one here at Momma Findings, not only because of the reviews and giveaways we planned, but because I vowed to give more to my family than I have in years passed. The only way to do this was with my time. So, while I wasn't here blogging as usual, I was, instead traveling to see family in Oklahoma, baking with my girl, seeking ways to give back to those in need, all while teaching my children the reason for the season. That being said, one particular event in the Momma Findings household came in the form of 100 tiny toys. You may know them as Zhu Zhu Pets. I was very blessed to be chosen as 1 of 100 bloggers to participate in the Random Acts of Zhu charitable campaign for 2010. Sounds so prestigious, huh? Well, to me, it was. We were able to bless a charity of our choice with these Zhu Zhu Pets and my children got their first dose of how it feels to bless others in need. How We Chose Our Charity: Well, this was quite difficult to do. I wanted to keep my charity local, as in my small town of Baytown or a surrounding area. I live just miles from Houston, where there is an array of charitable organizations, but I wanted to make a big impact on a small community like my own.



Random Acts of Zhu   (Robyn's Online World)

You all know how popular ZhuZhu Pets are right? I love these furry little creatures because they are fun pet-like toys without all the mess and cost of a real pet. Not that I don’t love our guinea pigs, but geez are they messy and costly! For younger kids I think something like ZhuZhu pets is a great alternative to live pets. ZhuZhu Pets honored me by asking me to take part in Random Acts of Zhu this holiday season. Because of my thoughts on what great “alternative pets” ZhuZhu Pets make I knew right away that this might be a good fit for the St. Charles County Chapter of the Missouri Forster Care and Adoption Association. There are so many kids who are in the foster care system that holidays can be really tough. This group does a Giving Tree Program each year to help make sure that the children in foster care in our area have a special Christmas. Because these kids are moved around, I thought the idea of an alternative pet would be a great idea. I contacted Judy and asked if ZhuZhu Pets are something the kids would like, she said yes, I said I have 104 of them to give, she said what? Are you kidding? Nope, I sure wasn’t. The wonderful ZhuZhu Pets people had offered me 104 ZhuZhu Pets to donate to loving homes. I told Judy I would be in touch.



What Is Your Biggest Blogging Accomplishment of 2010?   (Mom Blog Magazine)

Thinking back is just as effective for reaching goals as looking forward. Share your biggest blogging accomplishment of the year. Since 2011 is right around the corner we are talking a lot about our blogging goals for the new year, but it’s also powerful to reflect on 2010. This was a great year for me! I accomplished many of my goals. As a personal blogger my greatest accomplishment was covering the Primtime Emmy Awards on behalf of Duncan Hines. It was a wonderful weekend in LA that I will never forget. What is your biggest blogging accomplishment of 2010?... Molly Gold says: The brightest accomplishment of my year is the one that was entirely NOT about me. Random Acts of Zhu found me as unexpectedly as I found the charitiable event to connect them to. By being given the opportunity to be a simple vehicle channeling their generous donation in my corner of the world this holiday season, I realized nothing has created as much joy, contentment, and sense of completeness in my work as that. The window through which I now view my work has entirely changed, and I expect because of that, key aspects of my work will too ~ I can’t wait for 2011!!!... Jennifer James says: I kept hearing about the Random Acts of Zhu all over blogs, Facebook, and Twitter. Sounds like a great campaign. That’s wonderful that it’s your brightest accomplishment of the year!



My Visit to the Atlanta Children’s Shelter  (Mommy Reporter)

Thanks to the Random Acts of Zhu Program, I had the unique pleasure of being able to donate 104 Zhu Zhu Pets toys to a local charitable organization.  I chose the Atlanta Children’s Shelter because I wanted to help families who would most likely not have the ability to enjoy one of the hottest toys on the market today. The Atlanta Children’s Shelter is an organization that is dedicated to helping homeless children and their families.  Did you know that single mothers with one or two children comprise 90 percent of the families served at the shelter?  This fact really resonated with me and made me want to help.  As a single mother myself, I know what it’s like to be uncertain about not only your future, but also your present day circumstances.  If it weren’t for my family, I could have easily been homeless more than once in my life. My donations went to the annual “Holiday House” event where sponsors donate unwrapped toys for families in need to “shop” free of charge for gift and essential items for their children.  In the video below, I interviewed Christopher Flowers, one of the organizers of the Holiday House event.



My Favorite Things About The 2010 Holiday Season   (Deal Wise Mommy)

Zhu Zhu Pets-This was at the top of my list this year!  I was given the opportunity to choose a local organization to donate 104 Zhu Zhu Pets too!  I choose one that welcomed this great donation!  Tri-Cap in Warrick County was my choice, because I know that the kids there might not get as good of a Christmas than most and this organization is in the county where I went to high school.   I heard the kids were thrilled to get them and in fact on their wish lists for Christmas that they made at school, they had the Zhu Zhu Pets on there! My husband and I wanted to make these gifts just a bit more special so we did wrap them all!  Really it did not take much time since they are nice rectangle little boxes and those free $5.00 Coupons from Hallmark…Make the paper almost free!



Random Acts of Zhu Brought Christmas Joy to Needy Kids!   (High Country Mom Squad)

This holiday season has brought so many blessings to our family. One of the best blessings this year has been our focus on giving. We have given to children across the globe through one of our favorite relief ministries, which is always great fun for the kids. And this year was the first year we actually took the kids out to shop for each other. I know, “What were we waiting for?” But it’s just so much easier to get them gifts and get on with it. They really did have so much fun picking out gifts. The bright eyes of anticipation as they watched each other open their carefully chosen items warmed my heart. Earlier this month, we were so excited when 104 Zhu Zhu (and Kung Zhu) Pets arrived at our door! The boxes stacked up almost higher than my kids’ heads! The best part was that the toys weren’t for us. We were privileged to partner with Cepia, LLC (the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets) to give these coveted toys to needy children for Christmas!



Random Act of Zhu and XM Radio   (Love to Shop Mom)

This has been an exciting week in my house hold, I was picked to be part of the Random Acts of Zhu and sent 104 Zhu Zhu Pets to give to a local children’s charity of my choice. My husband and I spend Monday night wrapping all 104 toys and could not wait for the delivery day to get here! Tuesday evening we loaded up the Chevy Cruze with ALL 104 toys and headed to the Ronald McDonald House of Houston to deliver the toys to some very lucky kids. I chose Ronald McDonald House of Houston because I wanted to give back to a charity that works hard all year long to make sure that the children and their parents are well taken care of. The Ronald McDonald House of Houston offers a loving, home like environment for families that are experiencing the difficult journey to overcome a critical childhood illness. When we arrived at Ronald McDonald House with the toys the children were so excited that we had come with presents just for them. The smiles on their faces and the excitement that each child expressed opening their gift touched my heart. These little children are fighting for their lives and to know that for just a few minuets we were able to bring a touch of joy and happiness into their lives really brightened my day. There are not enough words to express that feeling you get inside when you are able to give back and help to make someone Else’s day or even Holiday. Christmas is a time for giving and I am so glad that I was given the chance to bring joy and happiness to the children at Ronald McDonald House of Houston.



Random Acts of Zhu: Giving away 104 Zhu Zhu Pets!    (Well Connected Mom)

What a thrill it was to give away 104 Zhu Zhu Pets last week.  In November, the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets, Cepia,  contacted WellConnectedMom.com to see if we would be interested in giving away 100+ Zhu Zhu Pets as a part of the Random Acts of Zhu event.  As you can imagine, I didn’t hesitate, I said “yes” right away. Cepia loves to give back to the community so they created the Random Acts of Zhu campaign in which 100 bloggers were given 104 Zhu Zhu Pets to give to charities of their choice.  As a result, over 10,000 Zhu Zhu Pets were given away to charities all over the nation.  Wow!  Thank you, Cepia, for giving the WellConnectedMom.com the opportunity to be a part of it!  We had an awesome week giving out the pets!  Here are the results of our Zhu Zhu Pets giveaways… We chose two charities to receive Zhu Zhu Pets as a part of their Christmas celebration.  The first charity was AlternateAvenues.org which helps women and men through unplanned pregnancies by providing free counseling, pregnancy tests, ultrasounds, and support.  As moms-to-be anxiously await the birth of their baby, Alternate Avenues helps prepare them through parent education, fellowship with other moms, and getting them resources to ensure needs are met.



Random Acts of Zhu–Toys for Children in Need   (Three Different Directions)

This past Monday – my husband and I put on our armor coats, braved the frigid cold weather and headed to our local mall.  Yes I know the Monday before Christmas, what were we thinking?!?  But it was all in the name of charity, and worth every ounce of inconvenience it might have seemed to us before we left our home that afternoon. Just in front of the Macy’s entrance at the Empire Mall in Sioux Falls, SD the Salvation Army sets up their Angel Tree each year.  Here people can donate toys for children in need so that hopefully every child in the area will wake up to a gift under the tree on Christmas morning no matter the financial situation of their family. This is where Random Acts of Zhu and Cepia LLC come in.  Cepia LLC is the maker of Zhu Zhu Pets, and sometime at the beginning of December, 13 boxes of Zhu Zhu Pets arrived to my second floor door (great thanks to the very kind delivery man who brought them all up!).  Inside each of these boxes was 8 Zhu Zhu Pets – that’s 104 Zhu Zhu Pets!  My living room kind of looked like a Tribble episode from Star Trek!



Random Act of Zhu #2 ~ Ronald McDonald House Denver   (Bantering Blonde)

Merry Christmas Eve dear readers! I can’t help feeling giddy when I think about the crazy festival of happy giggling that explodes in my house every year on Christmas Day. I know that we are a fortunate family and that there will be others this evening and tomorrow morning that won’t experience the same explosion of magic that my children will. Thanks to an amazing donation from the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets my children and I know that there will be at least 104 smiles on the faces of children in need this Christmas Day. I am grateful to Cepia, LLC for including me in their “Random Act of Zhu” holiday toy campaign. They sent me 104 Zhu Zhu Pets and Kung Zhu Hamsters to distribute to local children in need. You may remember my first “random act”, it was so rewarding that I’ve literally been floating from the experience and I intend to become more involved with Denver Safe House in the future. The site of my 2nd Random Act of Zhu has special meaning for me because when my children were younger we were part of a playgroup and every holiday we would donate gifts to the Ronald McDonald House Denver. I remember the first year that we donated we took all of the kids to pick out gifts and then when we delivered them a very kind woman in reception took us on a tour of the facility.



Giving Back to My Community with Donations of Zhu Zhu Pets, Leapfrog Toys, and Books from Scholastic and Sandra Magsamen   (Tech Saavy Mama)

While we live in DC Metro suburb that often appears on lists proclaiming us to be among the "most wealthy" and "most highly educated" in the nation, our county has pockets of poverty where families struggle to put food on the table, send their kids to school in ill-fitting shoes, lack supplies to complete homework, or can't afford to buy warm coats for the winter months… I was fortunate to be contacted by MomSelect  to be 1 of 100 bloggers to participate in their Random Acts of Zhu holiday giving program.  Cepia LLC, the makers of the popular Zhu Zhu pets, selected 100 bloggers to give away a total of 10,400 Zhu Zhus all over the country as way to spread holiday joy to the charity of our choice.  Our awesome delivery guy carried the 13 boxes up our steps that housed the 104 Zhu Zhu pets for 105 four to twelve year olds and we were so excited when they arrived!



Random Acts of Zhu   (To Be Thode)

Recently, I was chosen by Cepia, the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets to choose a charity that helps children.  After much thought, I chose the charity Cottleville Fire Community Outreach.  They are a local fire department that provides outreach to children and families in my area.  After visiting them recently for a Day with Santa event, we noticed that they also have a toy drive.  I knew that they would be the right choice to give the Zhu Zhu Pets to.  The firefighters were all very nice and are so enthusiastic about helping the local children to have a joyful Christmas. We had 13 boxes of Zhu Zhu Pets in my front hallway for over a week as we waited for the day when we could deliver them to the fire department.  Finally the day arrived and we packed up all the Zhu Zhu Pets and headed to the fire department.  Johnny and Joley were so excited to give the Zhu Zhu Pets to kids that don’t have any or weren’t getting toys this Christmas. The firemen were so thankful for the generous donation from Cepia that was delivered by me.  They said that it will help them make this Christmas better for many kids in my area.  They were kind enough to stand for some pictures with us before handing them out to kids!



104 ZhuZhu Pets Given for Christmas! How Does Your Community Give?   (Go Graham Go)

This Christmas we had the opportunity to do something that completely warms my heart!  You know how popular ZhuZhu Pets are right?  They seem to be on just about every child's Christmas list.  Even Graham gets a kick out of these adorable little creatures.  Through Random Acts of Zhu, we were able to give out 104 (plus some) ZhuZhu Pets to several children in a less fortunate town in Kentucky.  All in all, 100 bloggers gave out 104 ZhuZhus which totaled over 10,000 children reached! For the past two years the church I attend and our community have been taking toys to a town in Kentucky that is stricken with poverty.  Each year they strive to give out nearly 2K toys to children in need.  This year the need was even greater because several sponsors backed out at the last minute.  Our goal was to try to gather 250 toys to take to them and we doubled that!  Several other churches in our community and beyond also joined in on the effort.  I love to think about the fact that 2K children will be wearing smiles somewhere in Kentucky tomorrow morning!



I Dropped Off 104 Zhu Zhu Pets At A Hospital For Kids With Cancer!   (Mommy Niri)

In a time when most are focusing on getting the most for their kids, some are inspired to do something further. Having spent the previous 2 holiday seasons scrounging for employment we felt blessed to have a roof over our heads and food on the table this year. Things are tough, but they could be tougher. It was with that vision in mind that I designed The Mommy Niri Cares 2010 Holiday Charity Project. I was feeling great about it and then I received an email – something about Random Acts Of Zhu Zhu. Now if you have been blogging long enough you start to get suspicious even when the pitch sounds good. Here was it – You are provided 104 Zhu Zhus (or a mixture of different types like Kung Zhu etc) and you choose the charity. I don’t keep anything, get paid or have to promote anything. Now why in the world would I say no to be the Santa? Earlier this year I got to visit the Dana Farber center and meet a mom to a child with cancer. I have been struggling with what I could do for them. Here’s why I chose cancer – I know next to nothing and (almost) no-one affected by it personally. After my child was diagnosed with Autism, all I focused on was Autism.



RAZ Reminds us to remember to give this holiday season! (Random Acts of Zhu)   (Two Monkeys and a Washtub)

Sometimes as a blogger I am given the opportunity to participate in some really amazing projects, and Random Acts of Zhu was definitely one of those amazing projects this year!  Cepia, LLC, the makers of Zhu Zhu Pets wanted to reach out to local communities in the most amazing way by distributing 10,000 Zhu Zhu and Kung Zhu pets nationwide this holiday season.  In order to reach the most deserving charities and kids in local communities, Cepia, LLC reached out to bloggers it had worked with in the past and sent them each 104 hamsters to share with their charity of choice!  Like I said, sometimes as a blogger, I get the most amazing opportunities, and giving back to the community is definitely the best!  It's always a great reminder to give to others this holiday season, so let me tell you a little bit more about my charity of choice in North Texas! Trinity Kids touches the lives of abused, neglected and abandoned children of North Central Texas by providing FREE activities that are designed to provide fun, safe and positive memories.  Every summer, children ages 7-11 attend a week-long residence (overnight) camp for FREE and several times each year teenagers enjoy FREE one & two day events with caring adults. Local social service organizations and their appointed foster families refer children to Trinity Kids for each event.



Children of Reach Program Receive Toy Hamsters   (The Times Leader)

Sandy Snyder of The Times Leader, a local newspaper in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, ran a standalone photo with a caption for her RAZ donation. Sandy details the RAZ program and the charity where the toys were donated to, The Reach Program. The photo documents the donation being made to the executive director of The Reach Program.



Zhu Zhu Giving   (The Mental Clutter Coach)

April Welch of the Mental Clutter Coach made her RAZ donations in Leavenworth, WA this holiday season. April spread donations across two charities, including the local Angel Tree and Community Cupboard programs. The Community Cupboard program ensures that toys donated will be given to the most in-need children in that area.



RAZ 2010 = Random Acts of Zhu 2010   (Tiaras & Tantrums)

Teresa Buse of Tiaras and Tantrums made a fantastic post about her RAZ donation to her local church in Streamwood, IL. She and her children made a “RAZ Donation Station” to set up at the church toy drive and posted some great photos.



Random Acts of Zhu   (Baby Center)

Elina Furman, who blogs for Baby Center and Mamaista, details her donation made to local toy drives in New York as a RAZ participant. Elina made donations to Hannukah toy drives, Christmas toy drives, the UJA Federation Toy Drive and the Family-to-Family Toy Drive. Included in her post are pictures of her children helping her make the ZhuZhu Pets donations.



Random Acts of Zhu   (Heck of a Bunch)

Terra Heck of Heck of a Bunch posted about her RAZ donations in Quincy, IL. Terra was able to split up her donations amongst several charities including the local Toys for Tots, Good News of Christmas and Courthouse Caring for Christmas Charity. In her post, Terra includes images of her daughter donating a box of ZhuZhu Pets to Toys for Tots as well as children receiving the donations.



Sharing the joy – Random Acts of Zhu   (Dealusional)

Amy Lowe of Dealusional posted about three donations made to charities in Laveen, AZ. Amy selected Salvation Army Giving Tree, Homeward Bound and Toys for Tots where the ZhuZhu Pets will be donated to children in need. Her post includes pictures of her and her daughter making the donations.



Random Acts of Zhu Benefits Sunday Friends   (Chalk & Cheese Chronicles)

Akemi Bourgeois of Chalk and Cheese Chronicles donated 96 ZhuZhu Pets to a local San Jose, CA charity, Sunday Friends. The organization teaches low income families how to become more self sufficient. Akemi included great pictures of the donation to Sunday Friends and also donated four toys to Toys for Tots.



Random Acts of Zhu   (The B Keeps Us Honest)

Jessica Lieb of The B Keeps Us Honest captures her RAZ donation made to The Raleigh Rescue Mission of Raleigh, NC. The Raleigh Rescue Mission is a community organization that aids the poor and homeless. Jessica’s post includes pictures of her family’s trip to the Raleigh Rescue Mission Donation Center and a special thanks to Cepia for making her donation possible.



Donating Toys for Children who are Ill    (Naturally Educational)

Candace Lindemann of Miller Place, NY shares her first RAZ post on NaturallyEducational.com (Candace also blogs on Mamanista). Candace made her first donation of 64 ZhuZhu Pets to the pediatric wing of her local hospital, where her daughter was once a patient. She intends to include more details on her donation as well as her second donation in a future post to be made on Mamanista.



Random Acts of Zhu: Blessings in a Backpack   (Brain Foggles)

Connie Roberts of Brain Foggles details the first of several donations she is making for RAZ. Her first donation was made to Blessings in a Backpack in Spring Hill, FL. The program provides food and donations to children in low-income areas; Connie donated a portion of ZhuZhu Pets to the children of Springhill Elementary enrolled in the Blessings in a Backpack program. Included in her post are pictures of the children receiving the toys.



Random Acts of Zhu, A Time for Giving    (The Dirty T Shirt)

Jennifer Leet of the The Dirty T Shirt posted the first of multiple donations made to Give the Kids the World Village in Kissimmee, FL. The organization operates to give sick children inspiration and hope during the holidays. Organizations throughout the Florida area donate to make the village a magical experience for children who visit. The 100 ZhuZhu Pets will be placed in childrens’ gift baskets as a special surprise on their return from the theme park that they will visit, and as a gift when they visit Santa.



Random Acts of Zhu in Appalachia Kentucky   (Rural Moms)

Barb Webb of Rural Moms made her second post and tweet about her donation to the Mountain Christian Project in Appalachia, KY. 100 ZhuZhu Pets will be given to the children of families in need in this poverty-stricken area. Included in her post are images of the Mountain Christian Project volunteers wrapping the ZhuZhu Pets and families accepting donations. twitter.com/ruralmoms



Random Acts of Zhu Equals Purposeful Inspiration   (Mom it Forward)

Jamie Moesser and Jyl Johnson of Mom it Forward detail their donation of 104 ZhuZhu Pets made to a local Draper, UT charity on their blog and on Twitter. The ZhuZhu Pets were donated to The Christmas Box House, an organization that provides housing for children who have been abused or neglected. They hope their donation inspires others in their community to give children the gift of joy and inspiration this holiday season. twitter.com/MomItForward



"Random Acts of Zhu” Making A Difference In My Community!   (Real Moms Real Reviews)

Hollie Dankelfsen of Real Moms Real Reviews shares her experience as a RAZ participant. Hollie made all donations to local charities in her Ammon, ID including the Salvation Army and the Homeless Family Shelter.



Random Acts of Zhu Partnered With Contest For Moms & A Mom’s Review To Give This Holiday Season    (Contest For Moms)

Amanda Compton of Contest For Moms posted about her donation in her community, which is one of the highest poverty-stricken areas in the country. The 104 ZhuZhu Pets will be making their way across Weeksbury, KY to various charities including the community center event for children in need and their local Angel Tree program.



Random Acts of Zhu ~ Zhu Zhu Pets Donation!   (Carie’s Coins and Cents)

Carie Shane of Carie’s Coins and Cents includes donations that she made to four local charities in her hometown, Merritt, MI. Carie donated the ZhuZhu Pets to Lake City Fraternal Order of Eagles, Friends Ministry, Jennings Mission and Lake City Elementary School. Carrie also partnered with her local Maple Ridge Living Center to aid in wrapping the ZhuZhu Pets and making the donations.



Zhu Zhu Pet Random Acts of Zhu Donations from Cepia   (Guessing All The Way)

Laurie Cooper of Guessing All The Way posted photos on Facebook from the first of several donations she’ll make for RAZ. The photos are from her donation to Growing Home in Aurora, CO. Her next donations will be made to her local Children’s Hospital and Ronald McDonald House.



Random Acts of Zhu 2010!   (Penny Pinching Pixie)

Candice Hailey of Penny Pinching Pixie blogged about her donation made to children currently being treated at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, TX. Her emotional donation was made on behalf of her cousin, Hunter, who was diagnosed with cancer and treated at the Cook Children’s Medical Center.



Random Acts of ZHU!!!   (Fun with the VanVeelen’s)

Emily VanVeelen of Fun with the VanVeelen’s documents her donation to the Children's Medical Center at MCG in Augusta, Georgia in which she had the assistance of the nurses and staff to hand out all 104 ZhuZhu Pets. She also includes a link to the new Zhu-niverse website at the end of her post.



Random Acts of Zhu Partnered with Zensible Mama Gives 2010 to Benefit Homeless Children   (Zensible M@ma)

When I decided to hold a Toy drive for homeless children in Charlotte to celebrate my birthday differently this year - which is happening today, Random Acts of Zhu {RAZ} immediately stepped up to the challenge. Cepia LLC, makers of renowned toy Zhu Zhu pets have endowed me with 104 pieces of Zhu Zhu pets to give away to help bring happiness to underprivileged children in my community. One of my recipients will be Birthday Blessings who have also been the chosen recipient during the Hebrew National Better-than-a-picnic Picnic which I hosted along with other local bloggers at Freedom Park just this Summer. What a wonderful privilege to be spreading kindness, random or not, with a brand that cares and one who have become an instant hit last year! I can't wait for these homeless children to get their own Zhu Zhu pets and experience the endless fun it gives! I should know, my daughter adores her own Zhu Zhu pets collections!



Random Acts of Zhu   (Colorado Moms)

Emily Vaneck of Colorado Moms featured her donation made to her charity the Tennyson Children’s Center of Brighton, CO where the ZhuZhu Pets will be included in gift bags for children at their holiday party. Emily included great images of her family’s involvement with the donation as well as details of her donation date. Emily, a dedicated ZhuZhu Pets blogger, has also posted articles covering Kung Zhu and ZhuZhu Pets Twitter parties.



Random Acts of Zhu   (Sincerely Stacie)

Stacie Gorkow of Sincerely Stacie posted about her donation in her local Van Horne, IA. Stacie details her connection with her charity of choice, The Mission of Hope, where the ZhuZhu Pets will be a part of holiday gift baskets given to those in need.



Random Acts of Zhu   (Tiaras & Tantrums)

Teresa Buse of TiarasandTantrums.com shares her first of multiple posts for RAZ. The blog post includes Teresa’s decision to donate to her local church’s toy drive in Streamwood, IL. The donation is set to be made on Dec. 21 and she will update her readers with the conclusion of her donation.



Random Acts Of Zhu Make Children’s Lives Brighter!   (Lille Punkin Reviews)

Linsey Knerl of LillePunkinReviews.com details her donation made to her local Toys for Toys of Nebraska. Along with photos of her donation, Linsey asks her readers to look to make their own donations in the spirit of the RAZ program.



Random Acts of Zhu - giving during the holidays   (Champagne Living)

As a blogger, I feel blessed that I can come online each day and share my finds, tips and pieces of life with you, my readers. I love the act of turning on my computer daily and either researching a new post, finding something to share in my e-mail, or letting you in on some of my personal secrets to getting the most out of life. This past week, I had the opportunity to do something for the children in my community as well, thanks to Cepia - the people who make our favorite hamster friends - Zhu Zhu Pets. This holiday season, Cepia invited bloggers around the country to participate in their charity initiative and allowed us to perform Random Acts of Zhu. I was (and am) thrilled to have been chosen to be a part of this wonderful program to bring Zhu Zhu pets to children who otherwise might not get a holiday gift this year. Cepia sent me a total of 104 Zhu Zhu Pets and asked me to identify the charity (or charities) of my choice to donate them to. I immediately knew who would be the recipients.



Janet Weis Children's Hospital Holiday Shop & One Savvy Mom!™    (One Savvy Mom)

RAZ blog post by Sarah Wilson of OneSavvyMom.com. Sarah’s post details her donation, in conjunction with a donation of toys from K'NEX and PlaSmart, made to the Janet Weis Children’s Hospital of northeastern Pennsylvania. Included in the post are pictures of the donation made to the Hospital Holiday Shop and her thanks to Cepia for allowing her to be a part of RAZ.



What Christmas is All About…   (Enjoy Life, Enjoy Now)

RAZ blog post by Leslie Gosney of EnjoyLifeEnjoyNow.com. Leslie is currently making donations to local charities in Colton, WA. Included in her post are some details on her donation and the RAZ program.



Today Is A Great Day For Committing "RANDOM ACTS OF ZHU"...Thanks to Cepia (The Makers Of Zhu Zhu Pets) And The One Bored Mommy Blogspot!   (One Bored Mommy)

RAZ blog post by Courtney Hutson of OneBoredMommy.com. Courtney and her children donated ZhuZhu Pets to the Make a Wish Foundation in Trumbull, CT. Included in her post are some great pictures of her children and volunteers helping with the donation.



Help Bonggamom Do Some Random Acts of Zhu this Holiday Season!   (Bonggamom)

Blog post details blogger, Ana Picazo’s involvement in Random Acts of Zhu and what the giving initiative entails. Picazo includes a description of part of the donation that she made to the local Haven Family House and extends the invitation to her readers to help her donate the remainder of her ZhuZhu Pets. Picazo asks readers to submit their favorite charities and she will draw winners and deliver them to the charities.

***Ana was interviewed by the same San Francisco Chronicle reporter, Ellen Lee, that interviewed Laura for a very nice roundup of past and current ZhuZhu Pets programs, including RAZ.  This article was shared on Monday and here is the link once again: http://www.sfgate.com/cgi-bin/article.cgi?f=/c/a/2010/11/26/BU2Q1GGGEV.DTL



Random Acts of Zhu Toy(Charity)Giveaway!   (Moms Like Me)

Blog post by Krista Jahnke from Detroit’s’ MomsLikeMe blog. Krista is inviting her community of followers (MomLikeMe is a national blog that has regional affiliates) to recommend four charities to donate the ZhuZhu Pets to – just another way bloggers are getting creative with their donations! And she’s already received over 10 suggestions!






Toy Maker Delivers 10,000 of America’s Hottest Hamsters to Bloggers for Local Donations

ST. LOUIS (November 1, 2010) —ZhuZhu Pets®, the 2010 “Toy of the Year” that have taken over the hearts of kids everywhere, are now taking over the blogosphere and zhu-ooming into the holiday season with the spirit of giving. This December, Cepia LLC, the makers of ZhuZhu Pets® are spreading joy to children across the country by providing 100 bloggers with 100 ZhuZhu Pets® and accessories to be donated to their charity of choice. 


“We are  excited to be able to share the fun, happiness and love that ZhuZhu Pets® bring to children, especially those facing a variety of challenges,” said Russ Hornsby, CEO, Cepia LLC. “Whether for their sheer entertainment value, or through their perceived likeness to real pets, ZhuZhu Pets® have been extremely lucky to find meaning in the lives of children everywhere. By working with bloggers, we have a unique opportunity to engage local communities while touching the lives of children with hours of magical playtime.”


The toy donations aim to spread holiday cheer through Cepia’s charitable giving program, Random Acts of Zhu (RAZ), and to inspire others to participate in charitable acts this holiday season. RAZ was initiated in 2009 and has been responsible for bringing thousands of ZhuZhu Pets® to pediatric hospitals across America during Cepia’s “Christmas in July” toy drops. Last holiday season ZhuZhu Pets® initiated its “Santa’s Helpers Program,” spurring the delivery of ZhuZhu Pets® to eager children on Christmas morning in order to fulfill Santa’s promise to deliver the number one toy on every child’s wish list.


ZhuZhu Pets® became the No. 1 toy for children last holiday season and have gone on to be named the 2010 “Toy of the Year.” ZhuZhu Pets® engage children and their imaginations for hours just like real hamsters, but without the maintenance and mess. They dart around, scurry from place to place and make unique sounds and noises. Children have the opportunity to build, change and rearrange their hamster habitats for a unique, interactive play experience every time.


“Social media and the support of digital moms have played a key part in our growing success,” said Natalie Hornsby, Vice President of Marketing, Cepia LLC. “We love working with these bloggers and know that they are uniquely positioned to identify the areas of greatest need in their communities. For this first year of the program, we are working with a smaller group of bloggers, and hope that this initiative can blossom to be even bigger in years to come.”


About ZhuZhu Pets

ZhuZhu Pets are innovative, realistic, interactive, plush, and artificially intelligent hamsters that talk and move around in their own playsets. ZhuZhu Pets include two play modes: nurturing mode where the hamsters coo and purr and adventure mode where the hamsters explore their habitat with intelligent audio and mechanical responses to various habitat stimuli. Add-on accessories can be purchased to build an ever-evolving habitat for your pet to play in and explore. ZhuZhu Pets expanded its product line with the addition of ZhuZhu Rock Stars, ZhuZhu Wild Bunch and Kung Zhu, the first ZhuZhu Pets specifically designed to appeal to boys. Powered by 2 AAA batteries (included), both ZhuZhu Pets and Kung Zhu are suitable for ages 4 and up. For more information, please visit www.zhuzhupets.com and www.kungzhu.com.


About Cepia LLC

Headquartered in St Louis, Mo., Cepia LLC is a privately held company that manufactures toys and games for children of all ages. The company was founded on the premise that sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. Ingenuity, creativity, playfulness, and passion are the heart of Cepia and everything it creates. Cepia’s toy building enterprises include: Glo-e, a light-up plush bear, Hydro Max, a motorized water blaster, Sky Raptors, and their newest venture ZhuZhu Pets. ZhuZhu Pets has become an international sensation by combining realistic interaction with a fun, imaginative, interactive play design. In 2010 ZhuZhu Pets received top awards in three categories at the 10th annual Toy Industry Association Toy of the Year Awards, including the 2010 “Toy of the Year.” ZhuZhu Pets also took home awards for “Girl Toy of the Year” and “Innovative Toy of the Year.” ZhuZhu Pets, their Zhu-niverse of accessories, and other toys from Cepia LLC are sold globally through national chain retail outlets and independent toy stores. For more information, please visit www.cepiallc.com.